Master Your Money Don’t Let it Master You

All household budgeting sessions are currently held via Zoom.  Please contact our office to get started.  

There is no more of an unwelcome word than that of “budget.” However, this one financial discipline will not only help you pay bills on time but can make you wealthy! Let us help you manage your money with an easy process to structure spending and build an emergency savings fund!  It’s not too good to be true…. You can do this!  Are you ready to transform your life?

Sessions are open to everyone 16 years of age and older:

  • The first meeting will be a budget assessment to be sure there is enough money coming into the household to cover expenses.  
  • Referrals from partnered agencies (Substance Abuse Recovery Programs, Domestic Abuse Shelters, At-Risk Youth, and Transitional Housing programs.) Training Fees determined on a case-by-case basis.
  • Off-site “Financial Literacy” workshops available for your organization. Please contact our office for more information.