Need Help?

When things become difficult we can’t do it alone.  Whether its due to unexpected expenses, tragedy, or just simply dark times there is help.   Do you need food for yourself and your family?  Training and assistance for better employment?   We’re here to help.


Do you need food assistance?

Our food pantry is open on Tuesday-Friday: 10:00-1:00, but reservations are preferred. Please call us 770 591-4707 or email us below.  For the quickest response, call us during our business hours. 


What do you need assistance with?


We are here to equip people with the skills to provide stability for their families. 
    We offer the following training for job & life success:
    • Employment - Are you sending out lots of resumes but not getting noticed? Chances are there is something in your resume that is turning off potential employers. We can help!
    • Household budgeting - Click here to learn more
    • Life Skills
    • Goal Setting

    These training sessions are conducted through Zoom. For more information you may call or email


      Community Workshops and Bible Studies

      Discover more about these workshops and Bible studies by clicking the links.